Feb 11, 2015

Hair treatments for damaged hair

Hair treatments for damaged hair are some of the best products to have available if you colour or style your hair often. The best treatments can even repair hair that seems so damaged as to be beyond help.

Types of hair repair treatments

There are two types of treatments for damaged hair:
  • Conditioning treatments
  • Protein treatments
Conditioning treatments are effective for dryness and sealing the hair, as well as for helping to reduce the negative effects of cuticle damage. When the cuticles on the surface of the hair are damaged, moisture is readily lost, colour fades quickly, and the hair can look and feel rough and frizzy.

Whilst these treatments are effective at treating several of the symptoms of damage, they don't actually correct the damage itself. They also can't help with breakage, stretchy hair, or loss of elasticity, and aren't completely effective at resolving porosity issues.

Protein treatments are the best hair treatments for damaged hair overall because they actually repair the structural damage that leads to breakage. By bonding to weak areas where the protein in your hair has been damaged by oxidation from dye or bleach, these treatments actually correct the fragility that leads to all the actual symptoms of damaged hair.

It stands to reason then that a protein treatment is the best way to restore damaged hair, but combination products are even better because they repair, condition, and seal in moisture and colour. That's why conditioning protein treatments are great, as these treatments are the best of both worlds.

3. Joico K-Pak Reconstructor

Joico's K-Pak Reconstructor is a combination treatment containing high quality protein ingredients and conditioning agents that moisturise and care for your hair. The brand itself is known for its excellent products and the Reconstructor is no exception.

Used after shampooing, this treatment can combat frizz, dryness, breakages, and even help your new colour last longer.

2. ApHogee Keratin Reconstructor

ApHogee's Keratin Reconstructor is one of the best hair treatments for damaged hair because it is a keratin-based protein treatment as well as a conditioning treatment.

Keratin is a useful ingredient for hair repair because it is the same protein that your hair is actually comprised of. This means that it has similar qualities to your hair's natural protein and will reinforce it and help eliminate damage and frizz.

The conditioning base nourishes your hair and gets rid of dryness. Used in place of your regular conditioner after shampooing, this ApHogee treatment will add vitality to your hair.

1. Redken Extreme Strength Builder

Redken Extreme Cat is the holy grail of protein treatments. The Strength Builder mask comes with the same benefits of the Cat formula, but with the added bonus of a deep conditioner base, allowing it to treat damage and all the symptoms that come with it.

One of the factors making Redken's protein formula different is that it's not just ordinary protein. As well as a high quality formula of whole protein and separate amino acids, Redken's treatment also contains arginine.

Arginine literally seals up damaged areas of protein and prevents breakages and split ends. It acts like putty and seals up the imperfections in the hair structure that contribute to breakage and other problems.

Used once a week, this treatment is strong enough to keep your hair strong and healthy through numerous colour changes. If you change your hair more often than you'd like to admit, this is the treatment for you.

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